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Toy Pom puppies for sale in Mumbai

If you are searching for a living and breathing toy, or if you are looking forward to a pet that plays with you, then a Pomeranian is the dog to bring home who can keep you company as well. Pawsypoo offers its purchasers with some of the cutest toy Pom puppies for sale in Mumbai. Furthermore, we can guarantee that you purchase the pet at the best toy Pom price in Mumbai from us. Once you contact us, you will be opened up to a slew of lovely toy Pom puppies. Moreover, all of the puppies sold are healthy and also fit right within your budget constraints. All you have to do is contact us, and we would help you in every way possible.

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Toy Pom Introduction

Toy Poms are tiny-sized dogs type of Spitz, and they were named after the significant area of Pomerania in Central Europe. Still, their size and appearance have broadened them and place them in the “toy-like” category of pets. Toy Poms are tiny dogs who act like big dogs with a huge mindset. They are excellent household pets due to the fact that they do not need to be carried to the outdoors for habit of training like most breeds. A Toy Pomeranianx only needs indoor exercises when it is a tiny one so it’s tiny and manageable.

Characteristic of the Toy Pom

However, the biggest benefit or highlight would indeed be their appearance. Everything about their little size, furry coat, and playful eyes makes your heart beat faster. As soon as you buy a Toy Pom in Mumbai and take them for a walk, people will stop and look at your pet!

Toy poms are robust breed dogs and with a curious nature to learn. It is very easy to train them. A serious but gentle approach to giving commands can make your Toy Pom one of a kind – and always with unique tasks every time to make the visitation moments more fun.

You will receive affection in abundance once you establish a bond with your Toy Pom. They are highly loyal and trust their dog parents more than anyone. Once you introduce them to the kids and other pets in your house, they develop a strong bond with them too.

Dog parents are always expected to take out time to take the pets outside for a walk. If they are struggling with time or energy, they hire dog sitters and walkers to get this job done soon. With a Toy Pom puppy, you are free from this. It would help if you did not have a daily requirement to walk and/or play with your Toy Pom outside. They are small enough to stay excited and healthy with the smaller indoor activities you introduce them to. However, it’s still essential to have your Toy Pom go through enough indoor exercise daily.

At the same time, when you bring Toy Pom home, you should not be afraid to spend a lot of money on feeding them. Due to their small size, the volume of food consumed is limited. Also, the Toy Pom is not a very demanding dog for food. Thus, two small cups per day will be enough to saturate your pet, unlike large dogs, which are given 1.5 cups per pound of body weight.

Additionally, apart from meal and health concerns, Pomeranians are very playful and continuously desire your attention. They would want to ensure that you are enjoying the moments and finding amusement in their every activity. We consider that we have provided a good amount of reasons for you to check out Toy Pom puppies for sale in Mumbai. Make your decision; we will make sure the little fellow will be delivered into your hands!

Breed Name Toy Pom
Origin Germany and Poland
Breed Group Sporting Group
Height Male: 7 to 12 inches
Weight Male: 3 - 7 pounds (1.4 - 3.2)
Lifespan 12 – 16 years
Temperament Playful, Extroverted, Intelligent, Friendly, Sociable, Active
Toy Pom Price ₹80,000 - ₹1,20,000

Toy Pom price in Mumbai

Toy Pom price in Mumbai can differ between ₹80,000 and ₹1,20,000. This price differentiation happens according to the type of puppy you want to bring home. You have to spend a higher amount of money if you opt for a completely purebred and trained Toy Pom in Mumbai. On the flip side, you can bring home crossbred ones at a much lower price. It is advisable to always engage with such pet stores and breeders that are ethical, genuine and reliable. This can help you to get yourself an adorable as well as one of the best Toy Pom.