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Whether you are a first-time cat owner or a pro cat parent, anywhere and anytime, we will bring you the little and pretty happiness knocking at your door. Get the cutest and healthiest cats for sale in India.

Find Ethically bred Cats for sale in India

Do not believe in big kitten con. Our registered cat breeders strictly follow natural breeding of their kittens where the kittens must not be separated from their mothers before the age of 8 weeks. Their mental and physical health is our first goal. Hence we screen each of our breeders’ profiles and kittens with the highest care. Whether you are a first-time cat owner or an experienced cat parent, we will deliver you the little and lovely happiness that knocks at your door, every time, anytime, and anyplace. Being a 100% cage-free cattery, our well-trained volunteers who are on call support 24*7 are experts. When it comes to arranging a cats for sale in India, we are experts in providing a wide variety of cat breeds.

Ethical Kittens For Sale

There is absolutely nothing on this planet that is most irresistible than a kitten. The wide, open, gleaming eyes and little paws can make any heart fuzzy. Nevertheless, for some people, finding a friendly kitten that compliment your needs is an uphill task, and there are reasons for that. “Pawsypoo” is a professional kitten platform where one can buy kittens online in a very easy and refreshing way. We have an exclusive and responsible cattery network, and serving all types of kittens for sale across kitten has registered cattery during the kittens and we see each of their kittens thoroughly. Pawsypoo volunteers are well trained expert 24*7 cat when our clients call Pawsypoo is 100% cattery free cattery. We specialize in acheiving a balance of offering a variety of cats for sale in India including Persians, Himalayans, Siamese, Maine Coon, Ragdoll, Exotic Shorthair, Royal Bengal and British Shorthair.

There are a lot of places to buy cat online. We are here to help you with your problem in finding the right cat. Let’s find the best of the best shop for you and the shop that is closest to you. We are the best shop is an online pet shop where you can find the best shop, cat breeder near you, and the delivery of your best quality pet directly to your door without any issues, and without that issue, you have carried out any extended research. This is the most reliable and safest platform in the world. Book your perfect cat now. Booking details and average prices are below. If you don’t know which specific species to choose, please contact us on 8766330856

How to Buy a Cat Online?

Are you ready for a cat? Sometimes you watch it in a movie and cry or at your friend or in a corner lonely and get inspired is a good sign. Now let me remind you, they are living beings and have more than 15 – 20 years of lifespan; it is not a two-month thing. So, you need to be prepared for all conditions and how you can take care of them is a must because it is basically a new baby entering your life till his/her death. So, it is your responsibility to feed them and give them the best to lead their life.

Buy cats online with Pawsypoo

Cat is the next most common breed than dogs. They are, in fact, more prominent in European and Asian nations. As a result, care is required. We must feed our pets in the greatest manner. Did you understand that A cat’s monthly feeding expenditure averages the expense of 1200 – 4000 Indian rupees? This is costly for some persons, although not for others, so you can determine whether or not they are cheap for you. They are domesticated, yet it is usually advantageous to provide them with nutritious food. We are pleased if you purchase them from us. We are the sellers or shopkeepers, but we are also fond of serving as the bridge between you and your Comrade. Color, gender, size, and breed can all be found among them. The following are some specimens: you can also check the exact breed you want to buy on our website.

Advantages and disadvantages of having Kitten

Before making a kitten your new pet, here are some things you should know about them. 


  • Behind the fun, activity, and cheerfulness of kittens is far more fun, activity, and excitement than behind adult or grown cats. However, note that if a breeder sells a kitten younger than 12 weeks commencing to see each other when every kitten requires to keep with their mother for at most 12 weeks after birth. 
  • When buying a kitten, there are many breed choices. 
  • Kittens and cats most frequently have a previous medical history. While buying a kitten that was just given, you will also get their parents as well as their overall health records.


  • Although known to be communication-supported, kittens do require anyone to be there for them. 
  • Among the easiest-trained, kittens do take the most time and energy Properly training.
  • To provide a more excellent view of their prevalence, let’s see their purchases in India.

Cat breeds in India with a price

The average cat or kittens price in India are from 8,000 to 40,000 rupees. The average price of the baby kitten is 12,000 rupees . It is better to buy kittens pair rather than one but assuming you have adult cats already you can buy one. Persian kitten is one of the best selling cat breed in India. Persian means Persia i.e., Persian cats are from Persia which is now Iran. These cats imported from Persia to Italy for the first time around 1620. These cats are also developed by humans. They have long, straight, thick coats of hair that gets length up to 4 to 6 inches. They are friendly but responsive. The hair of these cats sheds more . Hence, they require grooming daily. Persian kittens with blue eyes cats are found less in India. The blue eyes in cats are due to the absence of pigments. All kittens have blue eyes only when they are born after passing 2 to 4 weeks original colors of the eyes come with the development of eye pigments.

Feel free to reach out to us with your inquiries! A phone call or WhatsApp is all you need to do! Our pet industry experts will provide you with India’s greatest advice or pet-related solutions! Contact - 8766330856

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Great experience. I was bought a cat few month’s back. They had provides each and every detail about the pet and maintains hygiene and here the team is very cooperative. Must recommended Pawsypoo.

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Could not be more happy to have our first fur baby with Pawsypoo from the beginning to till the date we got the puppy delivered it was very easy. Helped us to get ready and not be nervous in being first pup parents.

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Its through Pawsypoo that I got my first pet. They have a hustle-free process; we just had to make one call, and the rest was managed through different departments. It was a good and marvelous experience in getting our first puppy, and we named him Max.

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