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Shih Tzu puppies for sale in Mumbai

We always try to find dogs with exceptional talent and a favourable disposition. These are such characters that are suitable for a family with children, and sometimes dogs that are perfect for a single dog parent. If you are looking for Shih Tzu Puppies for sale in Mumbai that is loyal, friendly, and intelligent, we at Pawsypoo are here to provide you with that opportunity. We sell nice dogs at a low cost, and we have a lot of various dog breeds.

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Shih Tzu Introduction

Shih Tzu are known to be little dogs. They weigh 10 to 19 pounds when they grow to their full size. They have a short muzzle and drop ears with dark big eyes, and their muzzle is covered with large fur. They also have their tail curved over the back and are whore as their coat is long and of glossy type, which is thickly furred. They are very helpful with stress and pressure. They also come with extreme physical and mental health advantages oscillate.

On average, Shih Tzus live for 12 to 16 years more or less, with the average life expectancy standing at 14 years. Despite this, your friend still left you after 8 years together, and it is a shame since you, like any responsible dog owner, wish him a healthy and long life.

Shih Tzu’s being very tiny, they do not need so much exercise. But they love going out for a walk to stretch their muscles regularly. The dog enjoys company and does not have much energy to like running up and down or engaging in many physical activities. Therefore, if you want a furry friend that is not overly demanding in liveries and does not love to run, the Shih Tzu dog breed is for you.

If you have loneliness, depression confirmed with hypertension and observe what upsets you, then Shih Tzu is ideal for you. They are of calming property: your cholesterol will be perfect if you are in one room with your dog. They will always be positive for your heart, and they love people, so they will always adore you.

Shih Tzu is among the most peaceful dogs there may be. They are incredibly affectionate and mild dogs. These small breed dogs appear to be very loving of children. In conclusion, these dogs are very friendly dogs. Fostering it adequately and giving it ample training from the outset is critical to training it to be gentle with minor babies and younger children.

Another reason that a Shih Tzu dog is awesome to have is that they cannot avoid working with new people and not ease into their new environment. They can easily adapt to restarts, so this type of dog is ideal for families. This breed is beneficial to those who are first going to be a dog parent or those who have no idea how to handle dogs.

Breed Name Shih Tzu
Origin China
Breed Group Toy Breed
HeightMale: 20 – 28 cm, Female: 7.9 – 11 Centimeteres
Weight Male: 4.7 – 5 kg, Female: 4.7 - 5 kg
Lifespan 10 to 14 years
Temperament Intelligent, Gentle, Even Tempered, Kind, Kid, Friendly, Easy to train
Shih Tzu Price 30,000 – 50,000 INR

Shih Tzu price in Mumbai

Shih Tzu price in Mumbai ranges from ₹25,000 to ₹50,000 on the average. It all depends on which kind of pet you wish to buy, and so an ideal Shih Tzu puppy is waiting for you. A purebred one that has been trained will take a price on the higher side. But, if you want to buy a puppy that is a cross, then you will have to pay less. But, remember to always ensure that you connect only with the sellers, pet stores or dog breeders in Mumbai which are reliable and authenticated.