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Pug puppies for sale in Mumbai

If you are looking for Pug Puppies for sale in Mumbai, you will likely have to spend a little more time. As we know, there are many people who love and breed their dogs, and these are the breeders we are searching. Many breeders have a waiting list on the dog’s puppies. It’s a plus and a minus. That’s a plus because here in the waiting list you know that there is a requirement to buy a puppy for pug puppies for Sale also the owner of this puppy is relieved the dog and they mate with the male dog three to four in life time. A negative point because it means that you may have to wait two to four months before you receive puppy for adoption in Mumbai.

In conclusion, some breeders are simply indifferent to the fate of their dogs and puppies, and their main goal is to earn as much money as possible. Many dogs simply live in terrible conditions, and they are far from the best health. It’s also worth remembering that most people and inexperienced owners believe these simply beautiful photographs on sites, and you should not trust them. Then do my own analysis on pug for adoption in Mumbai. Find the breeder that suits you and the dog.

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Pug Introduction

The Latin expression “multum in parvo”, meaning “a lot in a little space” is fully relevant to Pug. Indeed, underneath the Wrinkle, Pug is full of surprises. Every day, this little being offers his master, thanks to his charm, his incomparable humour, his intelligence, the Pug puppy price in Mumbai many moments of entertainment is so low, which is such a smashing experience!

During the days when China was an empire, a Pug was considered a real luxury. These dogs were the” dog of the emperor,” and this stature meant that the canine could only be in the presence of an emperor who dared to touch him. They lived in splendid seclusion—some were granted their own guards. Thanks to English breeders, the Carlin race managed to survive: already on the verge of extinction, in the 1900s, the dog made a triumphant return with a crowd of new fans around the world.

In addition, the Pug is very compact, and the structure of the stocky body gives it away: strong musculature. A straight back makes the body look square, but the Pug must not be baggy and leggy. Here it is necessary to understand that these are not normal for this breed conditions! The weight of this dog when it comes to normal weight should be within 6.3-8.1 kgs. The standard does not provide an exact dimension of a dog’s growth at the withers; it does not say that it should not exceed 35 cm.

The Pug head is relatively large for the dog’s size – small fangs, a flat black muzzle with large round nostrils are the signature traits of the breed. The Pug’s small ears are similar to those of a black bear. They are to be levelling with the top of the skull when they drop forwards. Still, ears that are “to be in pink” and face backward to reveal the inside of an ear can also comply with the standard. Pug coat is smooth and shiny, and it is of solid colour. Standard recognises four basic coat colours that are:

  • black
  • silver grey
  • apricot
  • the light fawn

The Pug’s mask, which is made up of the spots of its forehead as well as the moles on its cheeks, should also provide a contrast to the solid colour of her dress.

Breed Name Pug
Origin China
Breed Group Toy Breed
Height 30 – 36 cm
Weight 6.3 to 8.1 kg
Lifespan 12 – 15 years
Temperament Charming, Clever, Playful, Mischievous, Docile, Stubborn
Pug Price 25,000 – 50,000 INR

Pug price in Mumbai

Pug price in Mumbai somewhere around ₹25,000. The cost of the puppy varies according to the breed type you want to buy and also the puppy’s quality. The price also depends on whether you choose to buy a purebred Pugnu or well-trained puppy, the costs may be higher. The price would be less when you think of purchasing a crossbreed type puppy. Be it any of these puppies, but it would be the best option to contact reputed pet stores and dog breeders in Mumbai for getting your own Pugnu puppy. But, remember to ask them about the additional or overhead charges other than the expenses included in the puppy’s base cost.