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Pug puppies for sale in Hyderabad

Pug, A much sought after pet dog, the Pug is known for its playful and energetic nature, previously the mischievous playmate to Chinese Emperors. They are compact and square-bodies with round oval head & flat wrinkled faces, They belong to the Toy group of dogs but is the only one in this group who shares ancestry from Mastiff. In conclusion, pugs are the best accompanied home dogs according to its owners. The pug is equally at ease in urban or rural settings, with young children of the elderly- poles apart from a single companion to being one of many. They are always hungry; therefore, it is necessary to take the right preventive measures to maintain their good shape.

Pugs need regular workout to assist their weight issues. Although capable of leaping tall fences with single bounds, as Krypto the Superdog once famously did in an issue of Action Comics a half century ago, Schipperkes do not necessarily make good watchdogs: they generally prefer to greet visitors with a wagging tail than face them down. Pug – This dog makes the list because it is known to be a somewhat chattier breed (snorting, grunting) and some may not mind but overall their short coat has minimal shedding. Well, you've arrived at the proper place if your search is centred around Pug Puppies for sale in Hyderabad.

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Pug Introduction

Pugs has it all—autonomous yet playful, and tender. Because they're smart, they may be mischievous in particular when left on my own for prolonged time. Pugs which are nice breeds too have good conduct among different pets along with small kids. Given the fact that pugs are extremely loyal to their masters and want to be by their side of the life; they make for excellent family pets. Premium Pet house is the best place where you will get the best price for pug puppy in Hyderabad, Get a cute and lovely teacup breed of Pug puppies on sale in Hyderabad.

Pugs are great family dogs because of their small size and playful nature. Furthermore, they seek to please their treat-givers and need attention. At the end of this, Pugs thrive on affection and love being alone. These dogs are generally very easygoing, caring only for their owner's happiness.

Pugs need to get at least 20 minutes worth of exercise two times per day. This mild to moderate cardio that only slightly elevates the heart rate is great at keeping a Pug's body in motion. Healthy Pugs who are motivated to stay more active than that can have this significantly extended. Given the necessary precautions, a Pug can walk for an hour or more and work out three or four times per day.

Eye problems aside, pugs also suffer from Hip Dysplasia Skin Conditions And Allergies. Well you can scroll down to see what could be the pug price in Hyderabad.

The Average Lifespan of a Pug 12 to 15 years. It all depends on the dog being well cared for throughout its life.

Breed Name Pug
Origin China
Breed Group Toy Breed
Height 30 – 36 cm
Weight 6.3 to 8.1 kg
Lifespan 12 – 15 years
Temperament Charming, Clever, Playful, Mischievous, Docile, Stubborn
Pug Price 25,000 – 50,000 INR

Pug price in Hyderabad

Pug price in Hyderabad falls into the range of ₹30,000 to ₹60,000. The price of Pug puppy depends on what breed type you want a buy and your preferred quality. The price will also vary depending on whether you buy a purebred Pugnu or one with training, the costs may be higher. You would pay less for a crossbreed type puppy, but then again. Any of these puppies, but be sure to contact a well-known pet stores and dog kennels in Hyderabad for your Pug puppy. However, be sure to inquire about their other fees, or the added costs and markup beyond what will already have the price of raising a puppy.