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Maltese puppies for sale in Pune

Maltese dog is very suitable for indoor living and for a small space and is an intelligent, gentle and responsive. The breed of this dog have been man's best friend for centuries and there is no secret to its charm. You will absolutely fall in love with Maltese after you see how lush silken white hair drapes his body.

At Pawsypoo, you can find the most adorable Maltese puppy price in Pune at the most inexplicable price. We are therefore the best choice you can make for these puppies in comparison to other pet stores that offer these breeds. If your dog is not exposed to enough sunlight, the adorable black button nose usually turns pink. The female Maltese, however, have pink noses during heat mostly.

You should be aware of the fact that Maltese puppies are cherubic therapy pups with many reasons- affectionate dispositions and little structures. Just how already we sire commented that these doggeds are awfully habit-forming, after all these unafraids on the net fulfil for the benefit of the children were noticed to stone increased something else.

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Maltese Introduction

Consider that this type of dog only grows between seven and twelve inches and weighs four to eight pounds. The ideal for you may be a Maltese puppy if you are a cuddler and lover of small dogs at your feet.

Maltese is well recognised for its long sleek white coat all the way to the ground. It is non-undercoat and hardly sheds However, you do need to brush the Maltese coat regularly in order to stop it from matting.

The topknot is tied with white ribbon so as not to be mistaken for a Maltese puppy with tearstains, and to keep the hair out of their eyes. They allow you to choose a puppy cut so do keep the hair short with trimming. This type of haircut is going to make your pet look the cutest ever. A lot of people think of those adorable floppy ears, as well as a compact body, brown eyes, sloping shoulders, and a black nose and immediately know that they are looking at a Maltese dog. Just get in touch with Pawsypoo to obtain Maltese puppies price in Pune at right price.

Remember a dog is a reflection of the world around them; this is not so much a matter of what a dog is but what a dog has become. However, the breed is also renowned for numerous remarkable features such as obedience, mildness, reliability, loyalty, warmth and intelligence. Living with a Maltese puppy is a joy and although each one is different, they all love to play. You could easily spend your golden years with these folks.

The breed follows people just as much as humans, even underfoot with hugs, or under your arm. Maltese adore the attention and proximity of humans and therefore may be susceptible to separation anxiety. To avoid such kind of separation anxiety you can do crate training for your dog. In this way, you can provide your tiny canine with a protected and also comfy spot to sleep when you are not home and abandon them.

The Maltese also makes a great family dog and gets on well with older children. Though you may want to intro them slowly if you have young children in the house as they can be a bit snappy. However, the fact of the matter is that stuff like that can be easily avoided if you train your dog and get them familiar with or the presence of small kids. The most significant thing we can stress about a Maltese cannot be stressed enough, and that they are super attentive and react incredibly quickly to strangers and odd sounds.

Breed Name Maltese
Origin Mediterranean Basin
Breed Group Toy Breed
Height Male: 21 – 25 cm, Female: 20 – 23 cm
Weight Male: 3 – 4 kg, Female: 3 - 4 kg
Lifespan 12 – 15 years
Temperament Playful, Affectionate, Sweet-Tempered, Intelligent, Easygoing,
Maltese Price 75,000 – 1,50,000 INR

Maltese price in Pune

Maltese price in Pune is ranges in between ₹75,000 to ₹1,50,000. This is considering their experience and lineage of the puppy. So, if you would want to get a purebred trained Maltese puppy in Pune, you will have to shell out more. While, of course, you can opt for a mixed-bred puppy if you are looking for a less expensive alternative. But before you sign that final deal and make a purchase, you must be ensured that you are connected to a credible and trusted dog breeder in Pune.