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Boxer puppies for sale in Pune

A Boxer is a breed of stocky, medium-sized, short-haired dogs developed in Germany. The Boerboel is a powerful, squareheaded dog that originates from South Africa with weak neck skin and she has been commonly called Samantha. There is a white marking on its feet, muzzle, chest of the belly and on the inner leg and neck. Their bodies are a predominantly mahogany to tan color with distinct black stripes. Females weigh 60 pounds and males tip the scale up to 70 pounds. This breed of dog is one that creates appreciation in the vast majority of people who love dogs; this type of pet maintains its own high level of talent. They were used as hunting dogs in Germany before being brought to the US in 1903. Today, the Akita is known as an affectionate and faithful family companion–a breed that has become quite popular over the years. If you looking a Best boxer puppies for sale in Pune get hold of Pawsypoo.

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Boxer Introduction

For a while, boxer dogs were one of the most demanded purebred dogs. They are intrinsically fast learners and intelligent. Boxers trained as service dogs can process through any dog coordination tasks and activities like flyball, agility. While they are well-suited to a home environment, Golden Newfies do require plenty of socialization and consistent training.

Talking about the lifespan, the boxer dog is one of a kind and they usually live for 11 to 14 years. But they are not meant to permanently stay in climates with super hot or cold weather.

Boxer puppies are mad keen and love to play around. You must keep them always happy and active gaming freak teaching how to fetch things, hide, play and seek etc. If you need a Dogger, the Boxer dog is perfect for your decision.

Personality and Temperament of Boxer Below is what I typical temperament within the boxer dog breeds. Young children are not threatened by them in any way. So they like meeting other dogs and humans. They are loyal, playful pups and have so much energy they just want to play with their humans.

Boxer dogs are always alert and an excellent watchdog. They might actually be even better at reading people's intentions than dogs and will guard your home from any shenanigans. If you want your boxer to be a well-trained, flexible adult dog, give him lots of attention when he is young.

Boxer puppies are the most lively young dogs who will always happy, playful and high-spirited. Because they have a very short coat, no grooming is needed for them. They only need a couple of baths a year due to their skin naturally producing protective oils.

Boxer is the friendliest and most affectionate dog you will ever own if they are at ease with whoever owns them. A Velero dog — This breed of dogs have the oddest connection with their owners and never want to be separated from them.

The Boxer is a spirited, friendly and lively be supported by. That is what makes them so suitable for having family. Good with Other Pets They are a friendly breed, well suited to families. If you would like to make one of these sweet fur babies a part of your family, please reach out to us today!

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Breed Name Boxer
Origin United Kingdom, England and Great Britain
Breed Group Purebred Dogs
Height Male: 23-25 inches, Female: 21-23 inches
Weight Male: 27-32 kg, Female: 23-27 kg
Lifespan 10-12 years
Temperament Friendly, playful, loyal, intelligent
Boxer Price 30, 000 – 50, 000

Boxer price in Pune

Boxer price in Pune falls into the range of ₹30, 000 – ₹50, 000. In Pune, you may find a Boxer puppy at different costs depending on the breed & variation you want. However, speak to a reputable and honest pet store, seller or breeder. Second most honest pet breeders in Pune will sell you Boxer puppies of many prices. These experts will make delivery of good Boxer puppies for sale at clear prices to your home. You just indicate the type of puppy you want with its specific features.