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Boxer puppies for sale in Delhi

Boxer puppies are lively and play a full breed of dogs who all have that perpetual look of sincerity. So, there are some trained boxer puppy in Delhi which one can get very use of. Pawsypoo offers you the healthiest Boxer Puppies for sale in Delhi.

we help you to know about the different structures of boxer puppies price in Delhi to select the best among them for you. But few important carrying techniques you should know before purchasing boxer puppies. In this article, we will introduce you to those skills which help you in mastering the features and behaviour of the newest member of your house.

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Get to know some points before buying Boxer

The amount of the food must be taken care of, the quality you can negotiate with, least you are bound to welcome health problems on a daily basis.

Find the right puppy food that fits with your desired puppy feeding schedule and choose a high-quality dog food based on both the size and age of the puppy. Before buying the dog food from a market, we can confirm some criteria like the label of association of American feed control officials should be on the front of the food. To check all the criteria you can visit here.

Alternatively, we can ensure that the boxer is a small puppy and that we will wait for some time to keep the space between the meals of the puppies and serve the boxer with the best meal.

Assure that the dog is not near any of the poisoned food and water to prevent seizures. Such toxic food could be chocolate, alcohol, raw eggs and other salty food in their diet. So these were some pointers to keep in mind while taking all good care of a boxer breed. Strict diet chart and regular feeding require the best diet and a well-scheduled food plan for the pup.

Its high importance to care of the number of meals according the age of newly born pups how many meals to be needed for them per day. If the pup is 12 to 9 weeks you require some meals for day as 4.

If the pup is three to six months old, you can deliver around three times a day. In this case, you must supply two meals per day with the puppy that is approaching one year of age.

If it is more than a year old, you can feed them once a day for no problems. Bloating: you need to keep in mind the issues like bloating in the boxer pup.

Breed Name Boxer
Origin United Kingdom, England and Great Britain
Breed Group Purebred Dogs
Height Male: 23-25 inches, Female: 21-23 inches
Weight Male: 27-32 kg, Female: 23-27 kg
Lifespan 10-12 years
Temperament Friendly, playful, loyal, intelligent
Boxer Price 30, 000 – 50, 000

Boxer price in Delhi

Boxer price in Delhi is between ₹30,000 and ₹80, 000. You can select the puppies and the price depending on the breed type and the breed type you are looking. Purebred Boxer puppies in Delhi should be more than the mixed-breed puppies. Also, ensure that you enquire about the fixed costs of overheads that you will have to bear once you get the Brutus pup at home. Also it is recommended to contact authentic breeders and pet shops only.