Aegean cat breed characteristics and facts

Aegean cat breed characteristics and facts

Aegean cat, Adorable, lively breed will steal your heart with its sunnymediterraneanorigins and sweet nature. But naturally, native to the Aegean Islands in Greece, they have been loved as companion cats by local islanders for centuries. All in all, whether you find it to exhibit it or not, the Aegean cat is a breed that nevertheless radiates the spirit of those sunny greek islands with a mischievous and loving nature reliable enough to steal your heart.






7 to 10 pounds


9 to 10 years

“Aegean cats are also very well-suited to be a family cat, and that’s because they’re one of the oldest ever domestic cat breeds in existence,” Love Meow reported. Aside from that, these brave and smart kitties also work well with children. That being said, and given that the breed isn’t naturally scared of water — it’s probably not a great idea to purchase one if you have a fish tank at home.

Aegean Facts

  • Origin: Greece
  • Size: Medium
  • Breed group: Natural
  • Lifespan: 13-15 years
  • Coat: Medium-length and semi-longhaired
  • Temperament: Intelligent, playful, and affectionate
  • Exercise needs: Moderate
  • Training: Trainable
  • Grooming: Moderate

Aegean History

Aegean The Aegean cat breed comes from the Greek islands of Cyclades, located in the Aegean Sea. This is sed that such cats they originated so close to the sea you see, which would be a reason for not being afraid of water.

Furthermore this breed are also reported to be friendly with people and it is perhaps due to the way of upbringing, as numerous sailors and fishermen were always around them. Aegean (Greece) The most popular cat in the Greece is definitely Aegean, but elsewhere it´s pretty rare too see one.

Aegeans are also a popular breed found in many shelters and rescues. Consider an Aegean if you want to give one of these lovely cats a forever home! Adopt if you think this is the breed for you!

Aegean Size

The Aegean is a medium type cat. Again, like most cat breeds, there is some size variation. Male Aegeans usually weigh between nine and ten pounds, while female Aegeans generally weigh seven to nine pounds.

Aegean Personality

One of the friendliest and most social cats is certainly one of them. The Aegean Cat: A wonderful addition to any large family, they will always be looking for human attention and regularly join the rest of the family on down times, or energetically participate in play.

On top of being so athletic, they’re also incredibly smart—in many cases Aegeans have been trained to do tricks. Despite this independent nature, the Aegean thrives in a busy household, as long as there’s plenty of action going on that the cat can investigate. Extremely outgoing!

The Aegean also has a love of the outdoors, so they will appreciate having access to an enclosed catio if you can provide. Aegeans belongs to the rare group of cats that love water.!

Aegean Health

The Aegeans are assumed to be in good health, and till now there haven’t been any breed specific health concerns. Regular wellness visits with your cat’s vet are still important, although of course as with any breed.

Aegean Care

The Aegean is an intelligent and athletic cat, so you’ll need to make sure that Aegean is kept physically and mentally stimulated.

Where possible, you should also buy a cat tree for your Aegean to play in and if you have any furniture around that the cat will be able to safely ascend and descend from this as wellthen they are going to enjoy being ableto explore.

You can also place smart toys and interactive treat dispensers around the house to keep them entertained.

In addition to your Aegean’s yearly wellness vet check, make sure that you keep close eyes on the toenails. If you're new at this whole feline maintenance thing, then just ask your vet the best way to get it done Don’t forget to look at their ears! If you notice that they are getting gunky, or if something might be wrong with them and on the verge of infection then clean as needed.

Also, be sure to talk with your vet about a brushing routine for the Aegean.

Aegean Grooming And Coat Color

The primary color of the Aegean coat is white, which is often accompanied by additional spots and markings in black, gray or blue. The markings on the cat vary from individual to individual.

Grooming. Although their plush coat will be a bit thicker in the winter, Aegeon are generally low maintenance when it comes to grooming. Shedding is fairly moderate and a thorough brushing twice per week will mostly help to eliminate loose hairs.

Again, just like all other breeds, make sure you periodically check whether there are any mats forming while you’re brushing the cat. If you regularly brush, the cat’s fur should be fine.

Climate: the aegean is genrally an adabtable cat who should be able to live peacefully etc. But just be sure you always provide enough shade and fresh water when the mercury rises.

Aegean with Children And Other Pets

The Aegean is perfect for families. The cat will bond with the children in your family. Just remember that there’s early socialization happening and both sides know the rules —–always supervise your kid kitty interactions from a safe (and well-escaped) distance!

Other Pets: The Aegean generally gets along great with other household pets—though as I mentioned earlier, this is no pet to be left alone at home around a bowl of goldfish or your guppies.

In the end, they are a breed that really benefits from early socialization. be sure when you get one, to reward it for good behavior and exercise them properly once they have been introduced into the family home.